Hemp oil vs. pure hemp extract

Confused by all the different kinds of hemp-based pet products out there? We’re not surprised! Because there are tons of them. And not all of them are created equal! There’s a big difference between the pure hemp extract you’ll find in Cooper&Cosmo’s products, for example, and other pet supplements out there that contain regular old hemp oil. What difference is that? And why does it matter? It all boils down to which part of the hemp plant we’re talking about!

Most hemp oils are extracted from hemp seeds. Which, OK, may be full of healthy stuff like fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. But they contain hardly any of that magical compound cannabidiol that’s known to soothe our four-legged friends’ sore muscles and joints and help them deal with stress and anxiety. For those anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits, you need pure hemp extract derived from the stalks, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant. Which is exactly what you’ll find inside every Cooper&Cosmo hemp-infused product! 

So if you want the best for your bestie, make sure you know your stalks from your seeds! And choose pet supplements infused with pure hemp extract.